Purple Snake
Purple Barracuda
Purple Toad
Purple Pufferfish
Purple Rat
Purple Vulture
Dark Griffon
Dark Hawk
Green Giraffe
Green Rooster
Green Porcupine
Green Moose
Blue Ram
Blue Eel
Blue Lizard
Blue Tiger
Gold Crab
Gold Armadillo
Red Eagle
Red Lion
Red Guard Dog

Immerse yourself in the world of Dragamonz! Scan in your Dragamonz cards and play in the free augmented reality app–play weekly challenges, access exclusive content, and more! With over 70 Dragamonz figures to collect, including the coveted Rare Mystics and Legendary Mystics, you can build your very own powerful army! Build your decks, summon your army, and battle against friends in this epic trading card game!
My Role: Created 25+ characters for this project, Worked diligently with the team to create this interactive AR experience. Converting CAD toy models into game ready assets for Unity implementation.